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Our Story

Comprised of healthcare practitioners and innovators, Zok’s team is on a mission to provide our innovative device to the millions of people who suffer from tension and pressure inside the head. 



It all began when co-founder Spencer Glasgow entered the medical world in hopes of finding an answer to his constant, crippling headaches. After many failed attempts to seeking relief, Spencer met Dr. Hatch D.C. DACNB FABBIR- the inventor and founder of Zōk.

During this time, Spencer experienced relief for the first time ever from Dr. Hatch's small, handheld device— now known as Zōk. From this point forward, Spencer knew that Dr. Hatch had something revolutionary that needed to be available for the millions of people who suffer from constant tension and pressure inside the head.

Seeing our family members suffer from headaches and learning about the millions of people who are also in the same boat, we have been motivated to help as many people that we can by providing Zōk at the lowest price possible.

Because we believe in helping others and giving back as much as we possibly can, we have also decided to keep our production in the USA to provide more job opportunities domestically. 

We have seen the firsthand pain and discouragement the symptoms of headaches and migraines can cause, which is why we are on a mission to help alleviate the suffering from the millions of people who are affected by constant tension and pressure inside the head, so that more people can realize how much more enjoyable and happy life can be.  



The Science Behind Zōk through Dr. John Hatch's DACNB, FABBIR Knowledge and Understanding of the Brain