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Zōk Customer Reviews

"Thank you for making this product. I am a registered nurse, believe in holistic care when possible, have tried every medication, treatment, have very complicated medical issues,  and this has essentially changed my life. I have wished for a way to change the pressures in my head with out any relief till this product. I knew it could be done, I am so grateful you were able to conceptualize it and bring this product to the public.  Thank you so very much. My life is dramatically improved because if this product. I am so grateful."

- Jillian M.

"honestly, I really like it! I thought it was just a gimmick but when I do it correctly my headache pain is instantly reduced."

- Katy R.

“I purchased a Zok device after seeing the Facebook ad in my newsfeed and thinking that it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I have Lupus and get terrible headaches. Anything from migraines to sinus to tension headaches. The day the Zok arrived, I tried it partway through a pretty bad headache and was shocked to see how well it worked. Now I use it at the first sign of a headache and can often avoid medication all together. I’m all for reducing my need for medication, and I love this option! Thank you Zok!”

- Nikki P.

"Purchased one three months ago, and have had no migraines since. Used to have 2 a week or more."

- Misa M.

“Zok is an amazing little miracle worker. I have had barometric pressure headaches most of my life, and have tried many things, but zok is really the only thing that I can feel immediate relief with. As soon as I pull it out of my ear, I can feel the pressure release and my head headache decreases and is more clear. It is really amazing. You must try it…”

- Megan K.

"This little thing does help! I’ve suffered from pressure headaches for years with little relief. I might have to use this several times a day BUT it helps. It’s such a relief to find something besides medication to get relief from this pain. Thank you!"

- Barbara W.

"I’ve had chronic daily headache for years and for the first time since I can remember I haven’t taken any pain medication in 5 days using this device..."

- Jim H.

"This thing works... for my migraine and my sons as well!!! I didn’t believe it would but IT Does..... I have 2 One at home and one in my work bag!!! "

- Jennifer G.

Buy Zōk- Naturally Reduce Pressure and Tension Inside the Head



The Answer to Stress & Pressure

Developed by health care practitioners, Zōk was produced to alter the symptoms associated with headaches and migraines by activating the tympanic membrane through inner ear pressure stimulation. 

This has shown to promote the reduction of stress, tension and pressure inside the head, which are commonly associated with the symptoms of headaches and migraines.

Over 45 Million People Suffer From Headaches...

Due to increased stress and anxiety levels from the current demands of the world, the number of people suffering from headaches and migraines will only continue to rise.

Because of this problem, we dedicated years of testing and refinement to ultimately produce Zōk: a consumer friendly health device that has been distilled down from an expensive and innovative healthcare technique used by a select group of healthcare providers who saw tremendous results of tension and pressure alleviation with their patients.

With the sole mission of providing effective and inexpensive relief to the millions of people who suffer, we’ve been motivated to bring Zōk to consumers at an affordable price to eliminate the need of paying for expensive doctor visits and overpriced medication.

Experience Relief Now!

The Science Behind Zōk

More Zōk User Reviews!

"This has been a lifesaver for me. I don’t get headaches very often, but when I do they knock me out! The zok has brought me so much relief. I don’t suffer for near as long and can get back to being mom much sooner."

- Melia S.

"I feel like the Zok Device helped relieve the tension in my head when I was experiencing headaches/ migraines and thus, reduced some of the pain so that I did not have to take my typical migraine medication. Thank you again!"

- Kalyssa O.

"I get migraines quite frequently, and the pain is always very intense. I used Zok when I had my most recent migraine, and Zok helped reduce my pain by relieving the pressure that was built up in my ears. It didn’t get rid of my migraine completely, but it sure helped reduce my pain, which was nice."

-Nancy H.

"We have loved our Zōk. Has helped my son so much!"

- Kim

"As a chronic migraine warrior, I have been using Zōk as a non-medical component to my treatment regimen. I love having it in my purse for those on-the-go moments when I need some quick relief. When the pressure changes, it’s the first thing I reach for."

-Laura L.

"I love mine ❤️ and always tell others when they have headaches ha."

- Demi D.

"Love this!!! Helps my teenage son get rid of headaches fast!!!!"

- Jennifer B.

“I have had my Zok for several weeks. Not only is it lessening the severity of my migraine it is helping my ears: they no longer feel like I need to punch a hole in them and the feeling of liquid moving around has stopped. my hearing is improved because of that. I’m impressed!”

- Agnes M.

”I have endured headaches since my teenage years. I never classified my headaches as migraines because I wasn’t sensitive to light or sick to my stomach.  But....It doesn’t matter what classification you give a headache if it makes you hurt, you want relief. When I discovered Zok I couldn’t pass it by. I never realized I could get relief from the pain and pressure in my head in such an amazing natural way!  I love that I do t have to pop a pill for a headache! Zok has changed my headache life!”

- Caralee

"Got mine yesterday! I get severe sinus and tension headaches. After a couple times using it I noticed I didn’t have that “pressure/clogged” feeling in my forehead! Loving it so far!"

-Angie D.

"I have been having about 3 headaches a week since last fall. I have had migraine and cluster in the past. (About 30 years but more often since my son was born) Barometric pressure is a huge trigger for me. Got my Zok about a month ago and it is actually working. I am amazed."

- Erica H.

The Zōk Relief Revolution

  • Innovation

    With its patent pending technology, Zōk was built for a simple purpose: to help those suffering from constant pressure and stress inside the head through the means of an innovative and natural health device.

    Realizing that many of our friends and family experience debilitating pain on a frequent basis, we are on a mission to bring Zōk to those suffering at the most affordable price possible. 

  • Results

    Based on the people who have used Zōk to address the symptoms of pressure and stress that are often associated with migraines and headaches, the feedback and results have been tremendous.

  • Simplicity

    With all of the many complicated and expensive approaches to addressing tension and pressure inside the head, we decided to distill the expensive technique of modulating inner ear pressure into a consumer device that's affordable and reusable.

How to Use Zōk

Buy Zōk- Naturally Reduce Pressure and Tension Inside the Head




How Do I Use Zōk?


Method 1 (Most Common)

Step 1: Deflate Zōk by squeezing the rubber bulb between fingers.

Step 2: While deflated, gently insert Zōk into the outer ear to create an air-tight seal between the Zōk earbud and the ear. This seal should occur just past the entrance to the ear canal—similar to the positioning of an audio earbud (See diagram [diagram no.]). Do not insert the Zōk earbud any further than the entrance to the ear canal. If Zōk causes any discomfort or pain, discontinue use immediately. Maintain the bulb in a deflated state.

Step 3: Maintain Zōk in a deflated state for 20-30 seconds. User will experience a mild sensation of increased pressure.

Step 4: Pinch the Zōk bulb and gently remove from the ear.

Step 5:Perform steps 1-4 for second ear.

Step 6: Repeat 3-5 times, or until pressure or tension in head has eased.

Method 2

Step 1: Without squeezing the Zōk bulb, insert Zōk into the outer ear to create an air-tight seal between the Zōk earbud and the ear. The seal should occur just past the entrance to the ear canal—similar to the positioning of an audio earbud (See diagram [diagram no.]). Do not insert the Zōk  earbud any further than the entrance to the ear canal.  If Zōk causes any discomfort or pain, discontinue use immediately.

Step 2: Partially deflate Zōk by gently squeezing the rubber bulb. Do not fully deflate. Squeeze (partially) and release 5-10 times in each ear. User will experience a mild sensation of increased pressure.

Step 3: Gently remove Zōk from the ear.

Step 4: Perform steps 1-3 for second ear.

Step 5: Repeat 3-5 times, or until the pressure or tension in head has eased.

How Often Can I Use Zōk?

Zōk can be used as frequently as necessary.

With the amount of stress and pressure that can build inside the head throughout the day, Zōk is designed for multiple uses per day.


DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In no event shall any manufacturer, marketer, importer, distributer, wholesaler, reseller, or retailer be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages to property of life whatsoever arising out of or connected with the misuse of Zōk.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent and diseases or chronic illnesses.

Our 100% Guaranteed Relief Promise

Because of the tremendous results that we've seen with our patients at the Brain Rehab Clinic in Orem, Utah, we guarantee that anyone suffering from tension, pressure, or stress inside the head will experience relief. 

The specific level of relief will vary from person to person, but if zero relief is experienced, we will provide a 100% refund for you within 90 days of your purchase. All that we ask is that you cover the few dollars to ship the device and its box back to us- since we provide free shipping on all outgoing orders.

When used correctly, it is rare for individuals to not experience any relief. If you haven't watched our instructional video, we highly recommend in doing so -