Simple Hacks for Migraines

Does the world feel like it is spiraling out of control with the COVID-19 pandemic, raging unemployment, and the ongoing everyday life stressors? It’s no secret that headaches are often the result of trying to cope with your daily trials but simple hacks for migraines can bring much-needed relief.

Top Five Hacks for Migraines

When the crushing head pain of a migraine strikes, you’re probably tempted to reach for the ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or prescription medication as a way to cope and overcome the discomfort. However, sometimes a more holistic approach might work better.

1. Hot and Cold Compresses

As a child, did your mother run for the ice pack or the heating pad any time you had pain? Well, mothers know best in many cases. Sometimes a simple hot or cold compress can ease the pain of a migraine. Place an ice pack on your forehead or cheeks for about 10 minutes. Then apply a warm heating pad to the back of your neck or forehead to ease the tension and alleviate the pain.

2. Aromatherapy

Your olfactory has a direct effect on migraine pain. Many sufferers report that during the pain their sense of smell is enhanced. Some scents, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender oil, help ease the pain and relax the body.

3. Breathing

Many people do not focus on breathing enough. However, when a woman is in labor, she is advised to concentrate on her breathing to overcome the pain of contractions and delivery. Breathing exercises provide you with greater focus and start to help relax your muscles. Try sitting in a comfortable chair or lay down. Think about taking long, slow breaths that are very rhythmic. Inhale for five seconds and then exhale for five seconds. As you focus on your breathing, your muscles will start to relax and headache pain ease. Practicing progressive body relaxation while you breathe in and out further ease the body into a more tranquil zone.

4. Sleep Away the Pain

Never underestimate the healing power of sleep. If you are under stress, then you probably cannot fall asleep or you might not enough a restful slumber. Improving your sleep schedule might cure your migraines.

  • Try to go to bed at a regular time every night.
  • Avoid drinking any sort of stimulants like caffeine from coffee or soda right before bed.
  • Abstain from excessive liquids or you might wake up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom.
  • Try to enjoy a relaxing activity before you fall asleep at night such as reading a book or taking a hot bath.
  • Turn off the television because many people have a bad habit of falling asleep with the tv on and the background noise disturbs their slumber.

Remember, most adults require seven to eight hours of quality sleep per night, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

5. Zōk Relief

If you are a migraine sufferer, remember that you are not alone because more than 45 million people regularly experience the often-debilitating condition. Pressure appears to play a role in migraine pain. With the the easy-to-operate Zok health device, you can effectively reduce the pressure and tension in your head to naturally and immediately alleviate the symptoms of headaches and migrianes.

Simple hacks for migraines can help you eliminate the painful headache so you can meet the demands of your busy day and lifestyle without excessive downtime. You don’t have to always turn to often harmful medications but instead take a more natural route to conquer migraines.