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Preventing Headaches with Foods

Nobody wants to experience a debilitating headache. When a migraine hits, you can turn to Zok for alleviating the symptoms of tension and pressure associated with headaches and migraines, but one of the best things you can do is learn ways to avoid getting a headache in the first place.

One crucial way to prevent head pain is to watch what you eat. Nutrition is the cornerstone to a healthier you! In this article, let us explore the best and worse foods for headache sufferers.

Worst Foods for Headache Sufferers

If you know that you regularly get headaches, you will want to start paying close attention to what you eat. Without a doubt, some foods put you at a higher risk of a migraine.

The worst foods for headache sufferers include:

  • Coffee: Coffee is like a double-edged sword. If you have a migraine, then it can act as a cardiovascular constrictor and might bring about much-needed relief. However, if you drink too much coffee then you can actually become addicted to the black brew so when you don’t have it you enter a state of withdrawal and start to develop a headache.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol, especially red wines which contain tannins, can all lead to headaches. You do not even have to over imbibe to develop a full-blown migraine. In fact, only a single drink is often enough to give some people a nasty headache.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and tyramine amino acids which can cause headaches in certain individuals. However, please be aware that the sweet dark goodness does not lead to headaches in everyone.
  • Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners often cause migraines in certain individuals. Aspartame seems like one of the main culprits according to studies.
  • Citrus Fruits: Enjoying an orange or glass of frosty lemonade might lead to a headache. The amino acids such as tyramine often trigger pain in some sensitive individuals.
  • Aged Cheese: Aged cheese has phenylethylamine and tyramine which both have a reputation for causing headaches.

Best Foods for Headache Sufferers

Yes, you can gain control of your headache pain by taking steps to prevent it before it happens. The following foods might help stop migraines from ever occurring.

  • Water: Stay hydrated with water to prevent headaches. Many people become dehydrated without even realizing it which leads to pounding head pain. However, drinking water every day is highly beneficial. You can also eat fruits and vegetables which are loaded with H2O.
  • Avoid Sodium: Salt leads to headaches. Yes, it is tempting to salt your foods, but avoiding sodium might just stop a headache before it ever takes hold.
  • Almonds: For years, many have believed that a magnesium supplement helps prevent migraines. Almonds are naturally loaded with magnesium and can work as great preventative.
  • Leafy Greens: Leafy greens contain impressive levels of vitamin B which help stop migraines. Also, just as with almonds, most leafy greens are brimming with magnesium.
  • Milk: The calcium and vitamin D act as a headache preventive. You can choose to drink a glass of milk or even eat a cup of yogurt to achieve your daily intake.
  • Coffee: The key to successfully drinking coffee is only ingesting it in moderation. Do not overindulge in the black java and avoid drinking it every day. If you do feel a migraine coming on, then try a small cup of coffee to see if it might stop the headache from developing fully.

Taking a proactive stance to avoid developing a full-blown migraine or headache by monitoring what you eat is always your best bet. However, please remember that Zok has been proven to be beneficial if you do start to experience head pain.